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What Tai Chi Is Good For

Considering a new way to workout that will not put too much impact on your joints? Looking for something that might even help you feel happier and not just get fit? Maybe you are the type of person that does not like the idea of heading to the gym to use equipment you cannot figure out how to use without help.

If any of these are true for you, you might want to try Tai Chi. This is an ancient martial art from China. It has been in use for thousands of years and you may already be familiar with it. The classes are often held outside where people make gentle waving motions with their hands and arms.

It looks like a dance, but it works like any workout only safer. Even if you are a senior citizen, have limited mobility or you suffer from arthritis, you can benefit from it. Just ask your doctor. In most instances, he or she will recommend this type of workout because of the benefits it has.

What is Tai Chi Good For?

All this sounds great but what can tai chi do for you? It can help you gain muscle strength, balance, flexibility and it can boost your mood.

As you do the movements, you get to build greater muscle strength. You do not need to use hand weights or anything. Just follow along with the class and your strength will increase.

At the same time, your body will get more resistant to aches and pains. This happens as the core and the back become stronger. Besides getting more strength, your body also becomes more flexible. This contributes to fewer breaks if you are older and it can also mean fewer aches and pains if you are old - or young. You will find it is easier to get up or walk a flight of stairs.

One other thing that tai chi is very good for is balance. As a senior citizen, if you can balance yourself well you are less likely to fall. Falls can lead to breaks and those can lead to losing your independence at home. Even as a young person, being balanced is an important key to being healthy overall. You will find you can do your other workouts with greater flexibility and ease.

There is generally not a lot of aerobic exercise involved in the practice of Tai Chi, but it is present. This is good for improving your cardiovascular health. Again, if you are older or you have a health issue you should ask your doctor about this. They most likely will recommend you try it. They may also suggest you use it in tandem with another aerobic exercise.

Tai Chi is good for many health problems and concerns. It does a lot of good for your physical health and it can improve your mood and lessen anxiety. Both depression and anxiety have been known to increase aches and pains. If you can alleviate them, you can move with fewer pains thanks to this ancient Chinese art.

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For education purposes visit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tai_chi



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